Counting Hairs

EVERY…. I’ll say the word again. EVERY single hair on your head is numbered. Wow. God knows how many hairs are on each of our individual heads. Let that marinate. *You can shout right here… I’ll wait*. Isn’t it amazing to know He is invested in us fully. He cares about every single detail of our lives. Do you know how many hairs are on your head? Have you ever tried to count the hairs on your head? Do you think you could? Personally, I don’t think I could. I think it’s impossible. But I am glad that I serve & worship a God where NOTHING is impossible! So, the fact that he knows how many hairs are on my head and I don’t at this point in my life means he has been in control since before the beginning. He has mine and your path set for an abundant life… if we follow Him. And even if we go bald (or bald already 😉 ) he’ll still be in control.

Find rest in knowing that we do not have to worry. We do not have to be afraid. We do not have to question our destiny in Christ. We don’t have to be defeated by inconsistencies, mistakes, misuse, setbacks, or storms! I can not trust anybody on this earth more than I do God and The Savior, Jesus Christ. Because He has my best interest at heart. My mom doesn’t even know how many hairs are on my head! And she birthed me!! …and to the best of her ability she’s always had my best interests at heart! Yes, she cares about the details of my life, but God cares more. And that is assurance. That is love. Fret not. Keep pressing 🙂

Matthew 10:30 — Proof & Red Words 🙂


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Whitney Everett, Freelance Writer Whit Wisdom's Blog WordPress: Need Insight? Email Me at! Everything is confidential. As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 21:17 (NIV)
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